Who is the bubble man?

I am actually just 1 person, who really loves bubbles. 

I love them so much, I got really good at blowing them, so I got into bubble business. 

Bubbles are my passion, profession and perception (seriously). I have spent endless hours exploring and playing with this phenomenon. I have a bubble room... It is just for bubbles. Making bubbles, making equipment to make more bubbles, and of course, making bubble potion.

I have bubble friends, there is an international bubble community, online and offline... we post pictures, science, news and memes of bubbles. Once in a blue moon, we meet up in a castle, and speak of only bubbles and trade in rare bubble artefacts,.. We founded the Associated of International Bubble Artists...or AOIBA. You may of heard of us!

Every activity has the extreme side, I'm on the extreme bubble side.

I believe in the magic of the small. Bubbles may seem little, but they are far from insignificant. They are filled with phenomena, they lift smiles effortlessly, fill the heart with joy and breaths youth in old souls. I have seen bubbles do things to people, you would never believe!

Have you ever met someone who doesn't love bubbles?

Many years ago, I began filming bubbles. I wanted to capture their colours. Most people have never seen a bubble, fully illuminated. Most people just pop bubbles... I am trying to show their beauty. The beauty of liquid and light.

This shop is my attempt. to share the beauty of bubbles. to the world.

I have always wanted to make bubble clothing. Over lockdown, I used the time to start this new Bubble Business.