Psychedelic Heat changing Bubble mug.
Psychedelic Heat changing Bubble mug.
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Psychedelic Heat changing Bubble mug.

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The experience in a nutshell, is making your hot cuppa and simultaneously having your eyes gently stroked by refracted light as your black mug explode with the psychedelic colours of a soap bubble.

Your mind is fed with ANTHROPOMORPHIC EYE CANDY. as you see the seamless connections of colours swirl through an ocean of iridescence. .

From darkness to light and back again, the only constant, is change. These bubble photographs are a perfect fusion of art and science. These microcosmic light fields are demonstrating quantum mechanics, fluid dynamics and behaviour and properties of light.

If the darkness falls on your cup, the cup is warning you, that you have been staring at the cup too long, its time to drink your tea, before its too cold. ..

.Thanks cup, you saved me there.

And Thank you soap. you saved Humanity there....



I'm serious. Hand washing a mug has never been more fun. You have finished your tea, the cup is black, you turn on the hot water, then reduce to drops. You can play with little streaks of hot drops melting psychedelics onto your cup.

THEN THE SOAP COMES IN!!! wash with soap and If you look closely, at the real soap bubbles, you will see where your mug came from, if you angle the light correctly and let the bubble live long enough so that the dull colours fade to vibrant swirls, you will see, THE PATTERN.


The astounding vibrancy and fractal textures are not computer generated, but do not look like any objects we see, day to day. That's because, these colours are not a result of light bouncing off an object. (That's how we normally see things) This is light BROKEN UP, into all the colours, that comprise white light. This is alchemy of light.

What are you looking at?

Barely anything actually. In terms of matter, there is not a lot in this photo. It's just light, getting interfered with, by a thin layer of soap. When I say thin, I mean really thin.

Thinner than paper? Yes

Thinner than a thread of human hair ? Yes

A bubble can range from 50 to over a million times thinner than a single thread of human hair.......incomprehensibly thin. That's also how we get different colours. Different thicknesses of the soap film...

This is my favourite fact about bubbles. That something so small, so thin, can be so beautiful, and so powerful, that they can make anyone smile. That to me is a wonderful cosmic giggle.

In a world of matter, one of the smallest amounts of matter, can give us, that entranced feeling that makes us feel like nothing matters, in that moment, it's all perfect, it is all beautiful. We are always chasing those fleeting moments.


Exploring the universe through a bubble... as if that is not what life is itself. We are bubbles. Beautiful patterns of energy, here for a fleeting moment of now.

Designer Heat Change Mugs

Designer Heat Change Mugs

  • Made from strong ceramic
  • Design appears when mug is hot
  • Base colour visible when cooled
  • 9.5cm (height) x 8cm (diameter)
  • Hand-printed to order

Care instruction

Hand wash only.

  • Hand Wash